The 5 Adaptogen herbs I can't live without~ Mushroom au lait (recipe)

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Would you love a simple healing tool that feels like a treat?

This can support your health and it might turn into a new daily habit …. sound good? Then continue to read my insights about these 5 magical adaptogen herbs and get my “Mushroom au lait” recipe that you can incorporate in your daily routine.

It can be challenging transitioning into a healing diet if you have lived a lifetime not paying much attention to what your body actually need. It’s a lifestyle change not a trend or a quick fix. It’s meant to support your body’s own ability to heal and restore. Using herbs to soothe and support this process can be so powerful and accelerate your healing and strengthen your overall health.

These herbs have superpowers that can both strengthen and detoxify our bodies and even stimulate a deeper healing process that you haven’t been able to achieve with diet changes.

It’s a holistic approach; body, mind and spirit have to partake in the process.
I’ve learned that it’s a daily commitment to show up for yourself and give your body the best fuel and a process of “unlearning” what has been programmed your entire life. A small little commitment of a new habit is a great way to start and then to be consistent enough to create a new habit that nourish you.

The mind wanders and always wants to seek back to what feels “safe” and familiar. You can meditation and being in stillness to let old emotion rise and allow them to be. Yep, emotional detox is a real thing!!! We don’t realize how often we actually bury our emotions with foods that have a numbing effect and makes us feel sedated. Most of us have grown up like this.

It can be a rough journey ... many layers of detox will reveal itself and you may have to go through phases of feeling low and like you are not getting better or you may minor health challenges that hinders you from feeling your best.

Just note that what you perceive as a setback can actually be a healing crisis that makes you feel amazing right after the body has released toxins and unburdening another layer of waste that are hindering you from feeling your best. Healing is a process that you can’t rush, so I encourage you to make it fun and exciting along the way and build habits that nurture your senses and tastebuds.

I know all about the bumpy ride to feeling your best and I wanted to share with your some of my favorite adaptogen herbs that’s can support your going through this journey. It can strengthen you physically and emotionally and help you cope with the stress that comes with being challenged with our health and living in our modern world today.



·        Down regulates the body’s stress response
·        Balancing hormonal health (specially in women)
·        Improves energy levels and combat chronic fatigue conditions
·        Supports immune health


·        Strengthen the immune system (even under harsh medical treatments)
·        Has a calming effect on the nervous system (reduce stress & anxiety).
·        Effective for Asthma and allergies
·        Beneficial during pregnancy and during birth
·        Improves cardiovascular health and lowers blodpressure


·        Improve skin conditions (like psoriasis)
·        Balancing Candida overgrowth
·        Promotes increased performance
·        Antioxidant rich and anti-aging
·        Immune boosting


·        Anti-aging properties ~ restoring ying energy
·        Supports lung health
·        Support hormonal health and increase libido
·        Promotes athletic performance ~ reduces fatigue
·        Support immunity


·        Supports brain & nerve health
·        Improve cognitive function and memory
·        Boost digestive health and heal stomach lining
·        Immune boosting

Yes, I promised you that I would share a delicious healing adaptogen latte with you!!
Try out my Mushroom au lait for increasing vitality; this drink will feel like a treat and will also provide you with so many benefits for your health, energy and longevity.
You can learn much more in-depth knowlegde about adaptogens from the herbal wizards at SUPERFEAST, my favorite adaptogen brand out there!



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for 1 person


10 min


Herbal healing drink

Mushroom au lait for vitality


  • 400 ml Homemade almond or cashew milk (Our your favorite plant milk)

  • 1/4 tsp Ashwaganda

  • 1/4 tsp Mason’s Mushrooms (Optional ~ you can choose you favorite adaptogen herb)

  • 1/2 tsp Maca

  • 1 tsp Raw cacao (optional… note that cacao also have a stimulating effect

  • 1 tbsp Maple syrup or Raw honey


Homemade almond/cashew milk:

  • Soak 1,5 cups of almonds or cashew overnight (minimum 12 h for almonds and 6h for cashews)

  • Blend with 1 liter of filtered water and add 10 deglet dates or 6 medjool.

  • strain it through a nutmilk bag or a fine mesh strainer.

  • Store it in glass jar (last 2-3 days in the fridge)


  • steam the chosen plantmilk hot and foamy

  • add the adaptogenic herbs to a glas and stir in the milk

  • add your prefered sweetner

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